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Pool Finish

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I can't say enough about that finish, it's really awesome. All my grandkids love it because they like the sensation that gives on the feet, has a little texture to it, very smooth and it's as smooth as the plastered finish its unique , its slightly different comes in various colors and we went to the gray in the white and they achieved the color that we liked. turned out wonderful.”


“We're really really happy with the new finish.”

“I went with a blue lagoon color I like it, the surface feels very nice, it's smooth. The finish on the pool is quite unique.”


“I can't say enough about that finish, it's really awesome because they feel the sensation that gives on the feet it's very smooth it's as smooth as the plaster finish its unique.”


We couldn'tbe happier it's just a beautiful feel, it's a beautiful look our neighbors who had pools built in by other companies want to empty them and get the Aqua bright finish because it's so beautiful we are just roll with the whole process.

Mediterranean blue finish was perfect choice for us and matches our existing tiles definitely happy with it.


Everybody involved, the guys that did the work did a great job. Highly recommended, it's a no brainer, Verses plastering, Ecofinish is the way to go.

We've been very happy with the finish. its beautiful and everybody comments how great it is.


“Much easier to maintain. Cleaning is a breeze now. Actually looking forward to clean the pool, before I kinda dreaded. The kids love it on their feet, no more complaints and WE’RE THE HIT OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD

About Us

Aqua Art Pool Finishes is the exclusive Houston-area provider of the innovative and long-lasting aquaBRIGHT™ and polyFIBRO® commercial-grade pool finishes. We apply these new interior finishes to new commercial pools, new residential pools, and also as part of the renovation of a new commercial pool, residential pool or other waterscape.

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