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New Pool Finishes


The finish of your pool can add a sense of luxury and style to your space. Our high-end, durable coating installations provide you with many benefits and advantages over the rubber-based paints and plaster from years ago.


Our aquaBRIGHT and polyFIBRO pool finish offer a unique solution to all issues and problems with pool finishes that result in the need for renovations and resurfacing. As applicators of these finishes, we are proud of their proven performance is present in backyards across the world.


Pool Resurfacing and Renovations


At Aqua Art Pool Finishes, we have a strong commitment to excellence and ensuring your complete satisfaction with all installations, resurfacing projects, and renovations. When your pool has broken down, or has lost its luster and aesthetic appeal, a new coating or resurfacing will help rejuvenate your space.


Our high-end polished residential and commercial pool resurfacing coatings are low maintenance and durable as they won’t chip, crack, or peel due to the elements. Your renovations are complemented by our unmatched customer service. The quality and tested swimming pool coating solutions are flexible and easily repairable to avoid frequent renovations and resurfacing projects.


High-End Aquatic Finish


Your pool will not be susceptible to breakdown and shortcomings with our high-end aquatic finishes. Our installations help captivate your backyard with luxury and a high-end paradise. The silky smooth options and high performance thermal plastic provides you with an enduring and chemical resistant finish.


Learn more about the benefits of our products and high-end aquatic installations. You will be presented with many color options for your coating, giving your swimming pool the timeless beauty it deserves.



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